TonerPlus Managed Print Service (MPS) from CXPrint

TonerPlus MPS is designed to remove stress, cost & complexity of printer management. From installation and maintenance, to usage monitoring and supply ordering, you’ll receive ongoing support from us.

It can be used with existing printers as well as providing control over new printers strategy.

Suitable for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It is definitely suitable for all budgets as we provide it free of charge.

We even recycle your empty cartridges

Whats involved?

  1. Our MPS Monitor Software is installed on an ‘always on’ computer (a simple two minute job)
  2. The message recipients are setup, normally someone within your organization, the other recipient is [email protected].
  3. That’s all there is to it.
  4. We then configure at our end such features as toner left warning. i.e 10% level. So at 10% left an alert message is sent to the specified recipients as per step 2
  5. We contact you, confirming a replacement cartridge is on its way to you. We will set up agreed prices at the outset, known as Contract Price
  6. Alert messages are sent out when error messages appear i.e paper jam etc, we then attend the printer to identify the cause and remedy the problem
  7. Just to re-iterate there is no cost for this, just the cost of the toner or any other consumable item supplied