Equipment leasing

Are you and your business in need of a printer, but worried about the upfront costs? Find out more about office printer leasing, a popular and affordable alternative.

Expensive and high maintenance, yet an essential piece of office kit, a printer is something most businesses can’t operate without.

When it comes to printing woes, we’ve got some good news: there’s an easy way to have all the printing perks, and none of the upfront costs. How? By leasing your printer instead of buying it, of course.

Leasing a printer is a more affordable alternative to buying one outright. Essentially, leasing your printer allows you to make monthly payments to hire a machine that would probably be way out of a start-up’s price range.

With top-of-the-range printers coming in at over £3,000, and a potential need to invest in more than one, leasing offers an affordable way for small businesses to access high-end tech at a price that won’t break the bank.

Any printer can be serviced and maintained using our Managed Print Service (MPS), a facilities management that takes care of all your printer requirements, click HERE.

A typical lease will last between three to five years (depending on the supplier), and is a binding contract. This means that once the lease is taken out, you are legally obligated to make your monthly payments for the agreed amount of time. Early termination of the contract may incur a significant fee.